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Gaulden is the 37,973rd popular last name (surname) in the US; frequency is 0.000%; percentile is 83.668. This information is based upon the 1990 United States Census.


Descendants of John



Generation No. 1


 1.  JOHN1 (Source: Charles H. Gaulden, The Gaulden, Gauldin, Gaulding Family History - - A Seven Hundred Year Study, Volume One,  (Copyrighted April, 1999).) was born 1665 in England, and died 1740 in New Kent Co. Vrginia.  He married ANNE STUART.


      Children of JOHN and ANNE STUART are:

                   i.       ANNE2.



 2.              ii.       JOHN MATHEW, b. 1705, New Kent Co. Vrginia; d. 1772, Prince Edward Co. Virginia.

                 iii.       ALEXANDER, b. November 08, 1717.



                  iv.       SAMUEL.





Generation No. 2


 2.  JOHN2 MATHEW (JOHN1) was born 1705 in New Kent Co. Vrginia, and died 1772 in Prince Edward Co. Virginia.  He married ELIZABETH GEERS.


      Children of JOHN MATHEW and ELIZABETH GEERS are:

                   i.       ELIZABETH3 NANCY.



 3.              ii.       JOHN, b. 1735.

                 iii.       ALEXANDER.



                  iv.       WILLIAM.



                   v.       JACOB.



                  vi.       JESSE.



                 vii.       JOSIAH.



                viii.       JUDITH.





Generation No. 3


 3.  JOHN3 (JOHN2 MATHEW, JOHN1) was born 1735.  He married SUSANAH BRUMFIELD 1759 in Briey Creek, Prince Edward Co. Viginia.


      Children of JOHN and SUSANAH BRUMFIELD are:

                   i.       JAMES4.



                  ii.       MARTHA.



                 iii.       WILLIAM GEERS.



                  iv.       ELIZABETH.



                   v.       ZACHARIAH BRUMFIELD.



                  vi.       JONATHAN.



                 vii.       SARAH. William Ely Freeman Bible (scroll down the page to find entries for Sarah and her offsrping)



 4.           viii.       DEMPSEY, b. 1767, Sumter Co. South Carolina; d. 1840, York Co. South Carolina.

                  ix.       KEREN HAPPUCK.





Generation No. 4


 4.  DEMPSEY4 (JOHN3, JOHN2 MATHEW, JOHN1) was born 1767 in Sumter Co. South Carolina, and died 1840 in York Co. South Carolina.  He married (1) ELIZABETH HEMPHILL, daughter of JOHN HEMPHILL.  He married (2) ELIZABETH REEVES.


More About DEMPSEY:

Fact 1: 1812, Ensign 4thCo. 2nd battalion 1st Regiment, Burke County, War 1812

Fact 2: Raced Horses in LA

Fact 3: Lived in Chester Co. South Carolina as Well


      Children of DEMPSEY and ELIZABETH HEMPHILL are:

 5.               i.       JAMES5 DEMPSEY, b. August 01, 1826; d. January 10, 1904, York Co. South Carolina.

                  ii.       JOHN LONG GAULDEN, b. 1833.



                 iii.       WILLIAM.



                  iv.       JANE, b. 1831.



                   v.       ADELINE, b. 1845.



                  vi.       UNKNOWN.





Generation No. 5


 5.  JAMES5 DEMPSEY (DEMPSEY4, JOHN3, JOHN2 MATHEW, JOHN1) was born August 01, 1826, and died January 10, 1904 in York Co. South Carolina.  He married DORCAS LOUISE GARRISON.



Fact 1: SC 18th Regiment CAA


      Children of JAMES DEMPSEY and DORCAS GARRISON are:

 6.               i.       JOHN6 JAMES, b. January 16, 1853, York Co. South Carolina; d. October 15, 1932, Philadelphia Methodist Church, York Co. South Carolina.

                  ii.       ROBERT DEMPSEY, b. February 05, 1858.



                 iii.       WILLIAM BROWN, b. November 06, 1863.



                  iv.       MARY JANE, b. August 28, 1872.





Generation No. 6


 6.  JOHN6 JAMES (JAMES5 DEMPSEY, DEMPSEY4, JOHN3, JOHN2 MATHEW, JOHN1) was born January 16, 1853 in York Co. South Carolina, and died October 15, 1932 in Philadelphia Methodist Church, York Co. South Carolina.  He married (1) KATIE HALL.  He married (2) NANCY MCELMOYLE.


      Child of JOHN JAMES and KATIE HALL is:

                   i.       DAISEY7 DAISY CAHTERINE, b. August 03, 1880; d. October 12, 1942.




      Children of JOHN JAMES and NANCY MCELMOYLE are:

                  ii.       JAMES WALTER7 MCELMOYLE, b. September 26, 1885; m. MARY EHTEL WHITESIDES, October 07, 1913.



                 iii.       WILLIAM CRAIG, b. April 30, 1887; d. September 01, 1962; m. LOLA MAE JOHNSON, March 03, 1923.



 7.             iv.       CARL JOHNSON, b. August 06, 1893.

                   v.       DANIEL HARLEY, b. October 07, 1888; m. JESSIE VIRGINIA CARSON, February 05, 1920.



 8.             vi.       FLETCHER EARL, b. February 23, 1896; d. June 1970.

 9.            vii.       OLIVE LOUISA, b. June 27, 1899; d. December 27, 1979.

                viii.       MARY ALDA, b. January 01, 1892; d. February 10, 1902.





Generation No. 7


 7.  CARL7 JOHNSON (JOHN6 JAMES, JAMES5 DEMPSEY, DEMPSEY4, JOHN3, JOHN2 MATHEW, JOHN1) was born August 06, 1893.  He married MABLE LONG.


      Children of CARL JOHNSON and MABLE LONG are:

                   i.       EDITH8 JOYE, b. September 09, 1930.



                  ii.       JUDTIH ELAINE.



                 iii.       WYLIE EDWARD.




 8.  FLETCHER7 EARL (JOHN6 JAMES, JAMES5 DEMPSEY, DEMPSEY4, JOHN3, JOHN2 MATHEW, JOHN1) was born February 23, 1896, and died June 1970.  He married SARAH FRANCES TEMPLETON September 14, 1926 in Rocky springs Presbyterian Church, Laurens, South Carolina. World War I Service


      Children of FLETCHER EARL and SARAH TEMPLETON are:

 10.             i.       FLETCHER8 EARLE, b. July 11, 1930.

 11.            ii.       JOHN ALLEN, d. January 27.


 9.  OLIVE7 LOUISA (JOHN6 JAMES, JAMES5 DEMPSEY, DEMPSEY4, JOHN3, JOHN2 MATHEW, JOHN1) was born June 27, 1899, and died December 27, 1979.  She married CHARLES LYNN HOWARD September 01, 1924.


      Child of OLIVE LOUISA and CHARLES HOWARD is:

                   i.       NANCY8 LEE, b. November 14, 1932.





Generation No. 8


 10.  FLETCHER8 EARLE (FLETCHER7, JOHN6 JAMES, JAMES5 DEMPSEY, DEMPSEY4, JOHN3, JOHN2 MATHEW, JOHN1) was born July 11, 1930.  He married (1) NORMA JEAN HUNT.  He married (2) JOAN MADELINE CAMPBELL February 14, 1970 in 4th Presbyterian Church, Greenville, South Carolina.


      Children of FLETCHER EARLE and NORMA HUNT are:

                   i.       FRANCES9 DEAN, b. April 19, 1957.



                  ii.       CRAIG HUNT, b. February 20, 1960.



                 iii.       MARGARET STANFORD, b. April 08, 1961.






      Child of JOHN ALLEN and NANCY COATES is:

                   i.       ALLEN9 COATES.



Gaulden Information

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