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"The Hunt family name is of occupational origin and is listed in The Hundred Rolls of 1273. The shropshire branch is considered the main line of the family." -Notes of Jean Hunt Gaulden


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Descendants of Hunt



Generation No. 1


1.  HUNT1


Children of HUNT are:

2.                i.    DR. THOMAS2 HUNT, b. 1730, England (?); d. 1802, Virginia. (Link to Doug Hunt Research on Dr. Thomas Hunt)

                  ii.    DR. JOHN HUNT, m. ELIZABETH.


Notes for DR. JOHN HUNT:

Albemarle and Lunnenberg Counties came together to form Bedford Co. VA.



Generation No. 2


2.  DR. THOMAS2 HUNT (HUNT1) was born 1730 in England (?), and died 1802 in Virginia.  He married (1) UNKNOWN.    He married (2) ANNE HENSON 1755.  She was born 1735.


Notes for DR. THOMAS HUNT:

Lived in the part of Bedford Co. Va which was later divided to make Franklin Co.

Had lands in both counties after the partition but sold most in old Bedford county.  Moved to Liberty in Franklin, which became Bedford City VA.



Fact 1: 1780, imprisoned for being a Tory in Henrico County - pardoned by signing oath of allegiance.

Fact 2: 1785, signed a petition asking Bedford Co. VA Court to Partition to Franklin Co. VA

Fact 3: 1798, Franklin Co. Personal Property Tax List

Occupation: 1798, Listed as Dr. Thomas Hunt on Franklin County Personal Property Tax List.


Notes for ANNE HENSON:

Named as Thomas' wife in Bedford Co. land sale to Benjamin Clardy and to John Hook; also in claims for reparation due to provisions "given" to the revolutionary Army in Bedford Co. VA possibly while Thomas was imprisoned.


Child of THOMAS HUNT and UNKNOWN is:

                   i.       STEPHEN3 HUNT.



Administered the Estate of Thomas Hunt

Fact 1: 1780, Posted Bond for his father imprisoned as a Tory


Children of THOMAS HUNT and ANNE HENSON are:

3.               ii.       ESLI3 HUNT, SR., b. January 10, 1759, Bedford County, VA.; d. May 08, 1837, Pickens County, SC.

                 iii.       JESSE HUNT, b. January 29, 1755, Sinking Creek, Washington Co. NC (now Tenn.); d. 1824, Franklin, Simpson County, KY.


Notes for JESSE HUNT:

Provided bond for his father.  See "Franklin Co. a Bicentennial History, 1786-1986, By Salmon, pgs. 47-53.


4.              iv.       URIAH HUNT, b. March 02, 1757, Bedford County, VA; d. October 07, 1824, Washington County, TN.

                   v.       MARY HUNT, b. February 18, 1761.

5.              vi.       THOMAS HUNT, b. July 05, 1762, Bedford County, VA; d. 1826, Washington Co., TN.

6.             vii.       WILLIAM HUNT, b. December 12, 1763; d. Autautga, TN.

                viii.       IRENE ASENATH HUNT, b. September 15, 1765; d. Washington County, NC.

                  ix.       JOEL HUNT, b. December 20, 1766, Bedford County, VA; d. 1834, Franklin Co. GA..


Notes for JOEL HUNT:

Married twice.


                   x.       PETER HUNT, b. June 15, 1768.

                  xi.       ELIZABETH HUNT, b. November 20, 1769, Bedford County, VA; d. 1840.

                 xii.       MOSES HUNT, b. March 29, 1771, Bedford County, VA; d. 1844, Simpson Co., KY.

7.            xiii.       JOHN HUNT, b. January 30, 1773; d. 1850, Allen Co. Ky.

                xiv.       BENJAMIN HUNT, b. August 29, 1774, Bedford County, Va.

                 xv.       PHOEBE HUNT, b. July 12, 1776, Bedford County, Va.



Generation No. 3


3.  ESLI3 HUNT, SR. (THOMAS2, HUNT1) was born January 10, 1759 in Bedford County, VA., and died May 08, 1837 in Pickens County, SC.  He married (1) NANCY LACEY 1783 in Chester District SC.  She was born 1761 in Shippingburg, TN, and died May 06, 1797 in Pickens County, SC.  He married (2) HALLIE AGNES COCHRAN 1800.  She was born Abt. 1785.  He married (3) TAMA MOSLEY 1809.  She was born 1770.


Notes for ESLI HUNT, SR.:

Fought at the Battle of Kings Mt. SC


Served under:

Capt. Letheridge

Capt. George Russell

Capt. Samuel Williams

Col. Charles Robinson

Capt. Pleasant Anderson

Capt. Bradley

Col. Williams

Col. Sevier


"Esli Sr. is believed buried on lands now owned by Zupan.  The Old cemetery is on a hill on this property across from Hunts Lake.  Most of the graves have granite headstones with very little legible writing on them.  There are slave graves in the back of the cemetery”. – Edgar Hunt

More:Hunt Information


"Esli had supposedly had 18 children and it is likely 2 of them died unnamed; 4 of his children died young - Martha and Peter". - Edgar Hunt


More About ESLI HUNT, SR.:

Fact 1: 1776, #S-7054 Private VA and NC Militia served 15 months total from 1776 to 1782.

Fact 2: 1832, Applied for Rev. Pension in Greenville Co., SC - For pension record write to the national Archives in Washington D. C.

Fact 3: 1781, Living in Washington Co. NC (now TN)

Fact 4: April 04, 1785, Book "A" page 96, 96 Dist of SC Land Grant from Wm Moultrie, 250 AC for 5 Shilling.

Fact 5: Bet. 1793 - 1794, Name appeared in ledger of McBeths Store


Children of ESLI HUNT and NANCY LACEY are:

                   i.       MARTHA4 HUNT, b. February 01, 1784.

                  ii.       ELIZABETH HUNT, b. May 04, 1785; m. ROBERT SCOTT, Abt. 1805; b. Abt. 1784.



Moved to Texas


8.              iii.       JOHN HUNT, b. February 07, 1787, Pickens County, SC; d. 1829, Pickens County, SC.

                  iv.       ESLI HUNT, JR., b. March 07, 1788, SC; m. LUVICA BROCK, Abt. 1817; b. Abt. 1802.



Had 8 children.


                   v.       NICHOLAS HUNT, b. March 02, 1790, Greenville, SC; d. 1835, Pickens County; m. SARA HOOPER, 1811; b. Abt. 1790.



Franklin county Deed Book : conveying from Nicholas Hunt and "Sarry" Hooper Hunt of Pendleton Dist. SC to Jaycey Hooper of Franklin Co. GA, 202 1/2 AC in Wilkinson Co. GA. lot #389, surveyed 23 Feb 1807...witnessed by Obediah Hooper.


Sarry and Nicholas had 6 children.



Fact 1: October 30, 1816, Franklin Co. Ga. deed book - see notes


                  vi.       WILLIAM LACEY HUNT, b. January 02, 1792; m. KEZIAH MCCANAHAN; b. Abt. 1799; d. 1859, Choctaw Co., Miss.



He and Keziah had 8 children.


                 vii.       NANCY HUNT, b. January 04, 1794; m. HITT; b. Abt. 1794.

                viii.       MARTIN HUNT, b. October 08, 1795; m. MARTHA BOWEN.

                  ix.       ELLEN HUNT, b. May 06, 1797.



Children of ESLI HUNT and HALLIE COCHRAN are:

                   x.       JANE4 HUNT, b. September 11, 1801; m. (1) WILLIAM BATES; m. (2) WILLIAM BATES; b. 1800.


Notes for JANE HUNT:

Jane and sister Jincy married the same man, Jane was his first wife.


                  xi.       WILLIAM HUNT, b. July 12, 1803; m. ELIZABETH BOWEN, 1825, Pickens Co.; b. 1803.



He and Betsy had 6 children.


                 xii.       PETER HUNT, b. September 15, 1805; d. Missouri ?.

                xiii.       HENSON HUNT, b. October 29, 1807; d. Abt. 1849; m. MARY BURDINE, 1807; d. Abt. 1849.


Notes for HENSON HUNT:

He and Polly had 4 children.


The entire family was wiped out in 1849 - 1859 by Typhoid which started in a millpond belonging to Henson Hunt.  Also dead were:  Slaves Ben aged 62, Rachael, age 26; Jane age 10; and Sarah Anderson, age 20 (Ben, Racheal and Jane went by  "Hunt"), also listed in the household was Jane Burdine, age 63, presumed to be the mother of Polly.



Cause of Death: Typhoid

Fact 1: 1850, Mortality Census - typhoid


                xiv.       JINCY HUNT, b. December 09, 1808; m. WILLIAM BATES, 1830; b. 1800.


Children of ESLI HUNT and TAMA MOSLEY are:

                 xv.       SAMUEL4 HUNT, b. January 16, 1810; d. Abt. 1840; m. ABIGAIL KELLY, 1839; b. Abt. 1810.


Notes for SAMUEL HUNT:

He and Abigail had 1 child.


John Bowen administered Samuel Hunt’s Estate October 14, 1840 in Greenville, SC.  At his Estate sale were: Esli, Hulet, Martin, Absolom & Cleveland Hunt.  Hulets mother was a Kelly, and Samuel married a Kelly.


                xvi.       ELVIRA HUNT, b. October 17, 1811; d. March 10, 1900, George’s Creek, Pendleton District (Pickens Co.); m. JOHN HALLUM BOWEN, January 08, 1829, Saluda River; b. July 31, 1801, Pickens Co..


Notes for ELVIRA HUNT:

She and John had 11 children.



Generation No. 4


8.  JOHN4 HUNT (ESLI3, THOMAS2, HUNT1) was born February 07, 1787 in Pickens County, SC, and died 1829 in Pickens County, SC.  He married MARGARET BOWEN 1808.  She was born 1791 in Pickens County, SC, and died in GA.


Notes for JOHN HUNT:

File 14, Pg. 2, Pickens, SC, Estate administered by brother Esli Hunt, Jr., Bond was signed by Samuel Looper and Joseph P. Evatt.

The Citation was read at "New Hope Meeting House" 14 September 1829 by Allen Robinson.

Inventory made by Joseph Williams, Joeseph P. Evatt, William Hunt, and Samuel Cooper - Justice of the Peace -


Buyers at sale were:

Hewlett Hunt            Lacey Hunt      Esli Hunt, Sr.

Westley Hunt          William Hunt     Esli Hunt, Jr.

Larkin Hunt        Martin Hunt      Nicholas Hunt

Chesley Davis          Thomas Boyd     Edward Hooper

Micheal Whitmere          James Hagood Joseph Hagood

John Crittenden        William Hester   Henry Williams

Henry Findley          John Lathem


All the heirs not mentioned, the Widow Margaret Bowen hunt

Hewlett Hunts share pd to his guardian Esli Hunt

Wesley Hunts share pd to his guardian Esli Hunt

Thomas Boyd was pd share for his wife Mary Boyd


All these amounts paid November 15, 1830.


H.C. Hunt and W. T. Hunt were heirs and received their shares November 29, 1843 and August 10, 1848 respectively.


Pickens County Court of Equity - Summons July 2, 1876 to meet at Greenville County Court House: Mrs. Mary Boyd, Rebecca Widow of Hewlett Hunt, Harvey C. Hunt, Robert G. Hunt and Other Heirs of John hunt.


1830 Census of Pickens Dist. SC


More About JOHN HUNT:

Fact 1: October 05, 1829, Estate Administered

Fact 2: January 14, 1839, Deed from Widow to her Sons, Hewlett and Wesley.

Fact 3: July 02, 1876, Pickens Co. Court of Equity Summons - Estate of John Hunt


Children of JOHN HUNT and MARGARET BOWEN are:

                   i.       MARY5 HUNT, b. Abt. 1808; m. THOMAS BOYD.

12.             ii.       JOHN WESLEY HUNT, b. April 08, 1812, Pickens County, SC; d. January 03, 1869.

13.            iii.       HEWLETT HUNT, b. Abt. 1810; d. May 25, 1860, Pickens, SC.

                  iv.       HARVEY C. HUNT.


Notes for HARVEY C. HUNT:

Moved to GA.


14.             v.       WADDY THORPE HUNT, b. Abt. 1825; d. Abt. 1865, Searcy Co. Arkansas.



Generation No. 5


12.  JOHN WESLEY5 HUNT (JOHN4, ESLI3, THOMAS2, HUNT1) was born April 08, 1812 in Pickens County, SC, and died January 03, 1869.  He married ELIZABETH HESTER January 03, 1830.  She was born September 17, 1813 in Pickens County, SC, and died November 24, 1893 in Pickens County, SC.



                   i.       JOHN H.6 HUNT.

17.             ii.       ROBERT GRAHAM HUNT.

                 iii.       EVELINE HUNT.

                  iv.       MARGARET HUNT.

                   v.       CAROLINE HUNT.

                  vi.       MARTHA HUNT.

                 vii.       WILLIAM HUNT.

                viii.       JAMES BLYTH HUNT.

                  ix.       MISSOURI HUNT.

                   x.       MAURIE HUNT.

                  xi.       MARTIN HUNT.

18.           xii.       HARVEY H. CLAY HUNT, b. 1845, Pickens County, SC; d. 1911, Pickens County, SC.



Generation No. 6



18.  HARVEY H. CLAY6 HUNT (JOHN WESLEY5, JOHN4, ESLI3, THOMAS2, HUNT1) was born 1845 in Pickens County, SC, and died 1911 in Pickens County, SC.  He married NANCY MANCEL 1865 in Pickens County, SC.  She was born 1847, and died 1914 in Greenville, SC.


Children of HARVEY HUNT and NANCY MANCEL are:

27.              i.       BERT EUGENE7 HUNT, b. November 14, 1888.

                  ii.       JOHN HUNT.

                 iii.       THOMAS HUNT.

                  iv.       MAMIE HUNT.

                   v.       WALTER HUNT.

                  vi.       PRESTON HUNT.

                 vii.       MAUD HUNT.

                viii.       FRED HUNT.

                  ix.       HARVEY HUNT.

                   x.       MATHEW HUNT, b. October 24, 1879.


Notes for MATHEW HUNT:

Born in Pickens County, SC



Generation No. 7

27.  BERT EUGENE7 HUNT (HARVEY H. CLAY6, JOHN WESLEY5, JOHN4, ESLI3, THOMAS2, HUNT1) was born November 14, 1888.  He married ETHEL ESSIE HAMMOND, daughter of THOMAS HAMMOND and M. MASSINGALE.  She was born February 27, 1890, and died 1983 in Columbia, SC.



Burial: Graceland Cemetery, Greenville, SC



Burial: Graceland Cemetery, Greenville, SC


Children of BERT HUNT and ETHEL HAMMOND are:

50.              i.       THOMAS CLELAND8 HUNT, b. February 14, 1908, Greenville, SC; d. August 02, 1986, Laurens, SC.

                  ii.       KENNETH CLAY HUNT, b. November 22, 1909, Greenville, SC.

                 iii.       ROBERT PAUL HUNT, b. December 06, 1911, Greenville, SC; d. May 14, 1913.

                  iv.       EDITH MAE HUNT, b. November 08, 1914, Greenville, SC; d. August 16, 1918.

51.             v.       AMANDA SAVILLA HUNT, b. August 30, 1917, Walhalla, SC.

52.            vi.       BERT EUGENE HUNT, JR., b. July 29, 1919, Walhalla, SC; d. February 20, 1999, Oconee Memorial Hospital.

53.           vii.       DOROTHY ETHEL HUNT, b. April 01, 1921, Walhalla, SC; d. April 06, 2004.

                viii.       NELLIE ELIZABETH HUNT, b. September 22, 1922, Walhalla, SC; m. DITARPINI.

                  ix.       CHARLES HAMMOND HUNT, b. October 07, 1924, Walhalla, SC; m. DORIS HIGGINS.



"Awarded Bronze Star for exemplary conduct during the Northern France campaign"

Military service: 53 Constabulary Squadron World War II


54.             x.    JOE DONALD HUNT, b. May 24, 1926, Walhalla, SC.

                  xi.       MILTON LEE HUNT, b. June 15, 1928, Walhalla, SC.



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