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"The Hunt family name is of occupational origin and is listed in The Hundred Rolls of 1273. The shropshire branch is considered the main line of the family." -Notes of Jean Hunt Gaulden


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Descendants of Thomas Hunt



Generation No. 1


1.  THOMAS3 HUNT  (THOMAS2, HUNT1) was born July 05, 1762 in Bedford County, VA, and died 1826 in Washington Co., TN.  He married MARY. 


Child of THOMAS HUNT and MARY is:

2.                i.       PETER4 HUNT, b. February 05, 1801, Washington Co., TN; d. January 25, 1877, Polk Co. MO.



Generation No. 2


2.  PETER4 HUNT (THOMAS3, THOMAS2, HUNT1) was born February 05, 1801 in Washington Co., TN, and died January 25, 1877 in Polk Co. MO.  He married (1) ESTHER MARIUS.    He married (2) ELIZ JONES.    He married (3) MARY EVELYN NEAL. 


Children of PETER HUNT and ESTHER MARIUS are:

3.                i.       WARREN5 HUNT, b. November 22, 1835, Dallas MO; d. April 06, 1902, MO.

                  ii.       SMITHANNA HUNT, b. April 22, 1821.

                 iii.       ELIZABETH HUNT, b. September 09, 1824.

                  iv.       SARAF F. HUNT, b. September 22, 1826.

                   v.       ELIZA R. HUNT, b. December 07, 1831.

                  vi.       HANNA HUNT, b. August 22, 1833.

                 vii.       THOMAS C. HUNT, b. June 11, 1837.



Children of PETER HUNT and ELIZ JONES are:

                viii.       PETER5 HUNT, b. February 10, 1842.

                  ix.       NANCY ANN HUNT, b. November 22, 1844.

                   x.       JOSEPH E. HUNT, b. May 21, 1846.



Generation No. 3


3.  WARREN5 HUNT (PETER4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, HUNT1) was born November 22, 1835 in Dallas MO, and died April 06, 1902 in MO.  He married MARTHA OLINGER.  She was born October 07, 1839 in Dallas MO, and died February 25, 1923 in Buffalo, MO.



4.                i.       WILLIAM T.6 HUNT, b. August 05, 1860; d. May 25, 1927, Killam, AB, Canada.

                  ii.       JAMES ROBERT HUNT, b. September 12, 1862; d. June 20, 1907, Salt Lake City, Utah.

                 iii.       MARY ELLA HUNT, b. November 22, 1864; d. October 06, 1896, Eureka Springs, ARK; m. A. HURTON.

                  iv.       ALDOPHUS FRANKLIN HUNT, b. April 08, 1867.

                   v.       MARCUS LAFEYETTE HUNT, b. September 22, 1869; d. April 06, 1902, Buffalo, MO.

                  vi.       JASPER ISSACHER HUNT, b. September 15, 1871.

                 vii.       VARDMAN VALONIA HUNT, b. March 14, 1874; d. April 21, 1907, Springfield, MO.



Generation No. 4


4.  WILLIAM T.6 HUNT (WARREN5, PETER4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, HUNT1) was born August 05, 1860, and died May 25, 1927 in Killam, AB, Canada.  He married SOPDIA C. GILMAN.  She was born 1862 in La Harpe, Illinois, and died May 1928 in Springfield, MO.



5.                i.    LEE ROY7 HUNT, b. March 21, 1886, Bolivar, MO; d. July 17, 1946, Oregon.

                  ii.       HAZEL WINNIE HUNT, b. February 11, 1889, Wyandote, MO; d. Camrose, Alberta, Canada.

                 iii.       ROBERT LOIUS HUNT, b. January 06, 1892, Buffalo, MO; d. July 16, 1947, Killam, Alberta, Canada.

                  iv.       LENA FAY HUNT, b. December 02, 1894, Buffalo, MO; d. July 03, 1967, Camrose, Alberta, Canada.



Generation No. 5


5.  LEE ROY7 HUNT (WILLIAM T.6, WARREN5, PETER4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, HUNT1) was born March 21, 1886 in Bolivar, MO, and died July 17, 1946 in Oregon.  He married (1) ETHEL CUMMINGS.    He married (2) NELLE AMMERMAN.    He married (3) AMANDA AGUSTA BLY.  She was born October 11, 1896 in Webster, Day County, South Dakota, and died September 12, 1982 in Pahrump, NV.



Cause of Death: Heart Attack


Children of LEE HUNT and NELLE AMMERMAN are:

                   i.       WILLIAM LEROY8 HUNT, b. 1909.

6.               ii.       RICHARD JAMES HUNT.



Children of LEE HUNT and AMANDA BLY are:

7.              iii.       ROY RAY8 HUNT, b. March 22, 1917, Sedgerwick, Alberta, Canada; d. August 27, 1959.

8.              iv.       BRUCE HUNT, b. October 21, 1918, Killam, Alberta, Canada; d. July 06, 1992, St. Cloud, Minnesota.

9.               v.       ALLAN LAVERNE HUNT, b. September 22, 1922, Killam, Alberta, Canada; d. September 03, 2000, Las Vegas, Nevada.

                  vi.       DOROTHY IRENE HUNT, b. July 24, 1926; d. March 27, 1997, Pahrump, NV; m. (1) ROSS SKINNER; m. (2) JOHN AVGA; m. (3) FRANK TEXEIRA.



Generation No. 6




Children of RICHARD HUNT and MAY are:

                   i.       BONNIE JUNE9 HUNT.

                  ii.       BOBBY HUNT.



7.  ROY RAY8 HUNT (LEE ROY7, WILLIAM T.6, WARREN5, PETER4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, HUNT1) was born March 22, 1917 in Sedgerwick, Alberta, Canada, and died August 27, 1959.  He married (1) CARLA SYLVIA HULT.  She was born July 09, 1918, and died March 1962.  He married (2) ADELE CELSE. 


More About ROY RAY HUNT:

Cause of Death: Heart Attack


Child of ROY HUNT and CARLA HULT is:

10.              i.       DENNIS9 HUNT.



8.  BRUCE8 HUNT (LEE ROY7, WILLIAM T.6, WARREN5, PETER4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, HUNT1) was born October 21, 1918 in Killam, Alberta, Canada, and died July 06, 1992 in St. Cloud, Minnesota.  He married DARLENE BROWN. 



                   i.       JAMES ALLEN9 HUNT, b. December 01, 1956.



9.  ALLAN LAVERNE8 HUNT (LEE ROY7, WILLIAM T.6, WARREN5, PETER4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, HUNT1) was born September 22, 1922 in Killam, Alberta, Canada, and died September 03, 2000 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He married (1) MARGIE LEE BENNETT.  She was born September 16, 1933 in Duncan, Oklhoma, and died March 10, 1977 in Los Angeles, CA.  He married (2) DORIS LANELL.  She was born October 30, 1938 in El Centro, CA.



Cause of Death: Lung Cancer


Children of ALLAN HUNT and MARGIE BENNETT are:

11.              i.       KAREN DIANA9 HUNT, b. January 04, 1955, Glendale, CA.

12.             ii.       SUSAN DENISE HUNT, b. September 26, 1958, Burbank, CA.



Generation No. 7


10.  DENNIS9 HUNT (ROY RAY8, LEE ROY7, WILLIAM T.6, WARREN5, PETER4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, HUNT1)  He married (1) LOU ANN HVOLT.    He married (2) CINDY. 


Children of DENNIS HUNT and CINDY are:

                   i.       ESTHER10 HUNT.

                  ii.       HARRY HUNT.

                 iii.    JOE HUNT.

                  iv.       CHRIS HUNT.

                   v.       ISSAC HUNT.

                  vi.       LESLEY HUNT.



11.  KAREN DIANA9 HUNT (ALLAN LAVERNE8, LEE ROY7, WILLIAM T.6, WARREN5, PETER4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, HUNT1) was born January 04, 1955 in Glendale, CA.  She married DANIEL BARRY SHAPIRO.  He was born November 19, 1951 in Los Angeles, CA.


Children of KAREN HUNT and DANIEL SHAPIRO are:

                   i.       TAMARA SARAH10 SHAPIRO, b. May 06, 1982.

                  ii.       RACHEL LEE SHAPIRO, b. August 28, 1984.

                 iii.       BRANDON MICHAEL SHAPIRO, b. January 17, 1986.



12.  SUSAN DENISE9 HUNT (ALLAN LAVERNE8, LEE ROY7, WILLIAM T.6, WARREN5, PETER4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, HUNT1) was born September 26, 1958 in Burbank, CA.  She married JAMES LESLIE WILLIAMS. 


Children of SUSAN HUNT and JAMES WILLIAMS are:

                   i.       DANIEL ROBERT10 WILLIAMS, b. November 04, 1981.

                  ii.       KRYSTAL WILLIAMS, b. November 09, 1985, Bakersfield, CA.



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